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How much confortable do you feel with the current code quality of your project? *

Please, summarize your opinion about the most relevant actual projects

Do you usually apply agile methodologies (e.g SCRUM)? *

Do you follow the Test Driven Development (TDD)? *

How often do you refactor code? *

Do you refactor code without tests? *

How much code coverage your tests have? *

All your project members use the same code editors or IDEs? *

Which is your favorite editor? *

Do you define and use code conventions in your projects? *

Which is your favorite code review tool? *

Do you usually use static code analysis tools? *

Static code analysis tools are those for evaluating the quality of your source code in terms of linters, syntax, clean code, code complexity, CRAP index, etc
Now, let's put focus about static code analysis tools

Have you ever consciously avoided using a static analysis tool? *

How much useful/valuable you find the results that static code analysis generate? *

The first time, after running an static code analysis tool and gotten its results, what is your next move(s) *

Do you need to fix all issues that your static code analysis tool reports before deliver/push code? *

Do you configure the settings of your static code analysis tool from default? *

Which is your favorite static code analysis tool? *

Evaluate how easy are static code analysis tools to integrate in your development workflow *

Do you run static code analysis tools as part of your build process? *

Do you use static code analysis tools as a plugin of your code review tool? *

How do you discuss about the code conventions/rules of your project? *

Does the static analysis tools help in assessing what to do about a warning? *

Do you feel that "quick fixes" as code suggestions would be helpful if they were available? *

Do you know what the term "technical debt" means? *

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Which is your current position? *

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Would your company pay for a software to help to improve your code quality in an agile and secure way? *

Which kind of Git repository your company use? *

Where does your company store the source code? *

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